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Attention Norway Customers

US to Norway Shipping Container“Attention Norwegian Customers: We ship containers to Norway every few weeks as well as UPS and Postal daily. We can ship anything that you need, including cars, motorcycles, auto parts, and other miscellaneous items. We will match online and mail order pricing for parts and take care of storage and shipping for you. Please contact or call us at +1-717-848-6272 with questions and for price quotes.”

Standard Rates for shipped goods containerized service to Oslo Norway.

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Example: Height: 0.82m X Width: 1.22m X Length: 0.88m X $300 = $264

Standard Shipping Rates items shipped to Norway

* If the volume price of the box is less than $35, it will be rounded up to $35.

*There is a minimum charge of $100 per shipment, if the total of your goods adds up to less than $100, it will be rounded up to $100.

*We measure max height - width and height, including skid and any other form of packing.

Standard rates based on container freight. ***All rates are subject to change.

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