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 At American Speed Center we carefully prepare your classics for shipping. You can trust us with moving your vehicles, automotive items and more, from the USA to Norway. Our team of professionals makes the moving of your cars and goods a hassle free experience. We can arrange for pick up, storage and transport of your items.

We have seen a lot of interesting items go into our containers.


brushCarThis past month we shipped this 1911 Brush Car. The chassis and the axles on this horseless carriage were constructed of oak, hickory or rock maple, air dried and oil-soaked - and suspension were a revolutionary system of coil springs on each wheel, although they were under tension, not compression as was nearly always afterward the custom. The wooden axles were said to contribute to riding comfort, being somewhat more flexible and resilient than steel.  Friction shock absorbers and ball joints in its suspension were standard.  You can find out more information on this historic car here.





Our containers often contain classics like this 1965 fastback Mustang. The vehicle that introduced us to a new class of car, the "pony car." When released the Mustangs long hood and short deck proved to be very popular and inspired a lot of competition and imitation. Truly, a landmark in American sports car development the first generation Mustang is an iconic American muscle car.


In this instance, we arranged pick up for our customer after they purchased the vehicle online. Our services provide a complete solution for moving the items from US to Norway destinations.







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