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REsized edge evolution CTS programmer OBD II port plugThere are a number of benefits to upgrading your car or truck's ECU. If you're looking for improved performance, better fuel efficiency, more torque or cleaner emissions an ECU tuner or programmer can help you achieve these goals. Manufacture's are often very conservative in the stock tune of the vehicle. They're trying to optimize for a wide range of demands, driving types and fuel quality. Obviously, this is not the ideal for performance oriented driving. By purchasing an ECU programmer or tuner you can easily over come these limitations. Often times an ECU tune will be needed because other modifications have been made to the vehicle. Exhaust systems, intake, or engine upgrades can change the air/fuel ratio making the the benefits of these modifications go unnoticed if the ECU fuel map is not corrected.


Today's modern engines can have their ECU program maps updated through the vehicles OBD port. Many systems for modern vehicles, add a tuning box to the system to allow switching between the different programs. This is especially beneficial for truck and diesel performance applications, where there may be various demands, such as increased torque for towing capabilities or increased fuel efficiency. The boxes will allow for easy switching between these very different programs. High end versions of these tuners, such as the models from EDGE Products, Bully Dog, SCT and others provide visual feed back of temperatures, horsepower, torque and offer program switching via a touch screen display.


American Speed Center carries a wide range of tuners and programmers, most are available in just one day and our prices are competitive with the large online retailers. If you have questions about the right programmer for your car or truck, contact us today.



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